Friday, 1 April 2016

Church father caught dancing Chimzey Kelly'"Dorica" in a night club

What   a  mess   this   is   we   Christians   are   slowly   losing   our    image,to   think   a   church   father   can    engage   in   such   an   evil   manner   is   hard   to   swallow.
well   a   well  respected   church   father   in   Malawi  was   caught   in  a   stripper   night   club  showing   off   his   moves   while   dancing   to  the   tunes   of   "Dorica"   by   our   own  chimzey   kelly   and   showering    prostitutes   with   church   offering.
Father   muputa   mvulapo  of   malawi   made   this   endlines  and   has   recently  been  banished    from  the   church  and  is   currently   police   custody   awaiting   trial  for   stealing   church  funds   amounting   up   to  $30,000.          

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