Monday, 4 April 2016

kabwe man returns to jail 24 hours of getting out for rapping a bartender

A    kabwe   inmate   who  just   recently   saved   5   years   in   mukobeko   maximum    prison  for   attempted    rape   just   and   now   tis   time   he   is   going  back   for   rape  and   what   amazed   people  is   that    he   went   back   in   prison   one   day   of   getting   out   for   rapping   a   bartender.
According  to   the    press   mr   Charles   mulilo,a   53   year   old   got   out   of   prison   on   Monday   and   on   Tuesday   he   was    going  back  in.according  to   a   news   source   Mr   mulilo   spent   the   entire   night  at   bar   just   after   getting   out   of   prison  with   his   friends   up  to   24   hours    drinking,after    the   female   bartender    told   them   to   leave   has   it   was   time  to   close   up   Mr   mulilo   got   violent   along  with   his   two   friends   and   gang  raped  the   bartender.the   next   morning   mulilo   was   picked   up  along   with  his   two   friends   and   they   are   in  police   custody   awaiting   hearing.          

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