Monday, 4 April 2016

kabwe man returns to jail 24 hours of getting out for rapping a bartender

A    kabwe   inmate   who  just   recently   saved   5   years   in   mukobeko   maximum    prison  for   attempted    rape   just   and   now   tis   time   he   is   going  back   for   rape  and   what   amazed   people  is   that    he   went   back   in   prison   one   day   of   getting   out   for   rapping   a   bartender.
According  to   the    press   mr   Charles   mulilo,a   53   year   old   got   out   of   prison   on   Monday   and   on   Tuesday   he   was    going  back  in.according  to   a   news   source   Mr   mulilo   spent   the   entire   night  at   bar   just   after   getting   out   of   prison  with   his   friends   up  to   24   hours    drinking,after    the   female   bartender    told   them   to   leave   has   it   was   time  to   close   up   Mr   mulilo   got   violent   along  with   his   two   friends   and   gang  raped  the   bartender.the   next   morning   mulilo   was   picked   up  along   with  his   two   friends   and   they   are   in  police   custody   awaiting   hearing.          

Livingstone landlord brutally beaten by his Chinese tenant after evicting him

A   48   year   old  Livingstone    landlord   was   last   night   brutally  beaten   by   his    chinese   tenant  after   evicting   him   from  his   home.
godson   mushala   48,was   brutally  beaten    by   the   Chinese  man   after   the   two   engaged   in  a   fight   saying   that   mr   li   had   not   settled   three  month   payment    of   rentals   and   he   wanted    to   take   hold   of   all   his   property   till   he   settles   his   bills.
but   however   the   Chinese   man  got  so   violent  and   left   mr   mushala   with   a   swollen   face that   you   can   hardly  recognize   him.
the   Chinese   man   is   in    police   custody   and   the   hearing   for   the   case   will  be   on   June  1.      

Friday, 1 April 2016

Church father caught dancing Chimzey Kelly'"Dorica" in a night club

What   a  mess   this   is   we   Christians   are   slowly   losing   our    image,to   think   a   church   father   can    engage   in   such   an   evil   manner   is   hard   to   swallow.
well   a   well  respected   church   father   in   Malawi  was   caught   in  a   stripper   night   club  showing   off   his   moves   while   dancing   to  the   tunes   of   "Dorica"   by   our   own  chimzey   kelly   and   showering    prostitutes   with   church   offering.
Father   muputa   mvulapo  of   malawi   made   this   endlines  and   has   recently  been  banished    from  the   church  and  is   currently   police   custody   awaiting   trial  for   stealing   church  funds   amounting   up   to  $30,000.          
A   CBU   student  electrical  engineering   student  by  the   name   of   alex   mutanuka,was   found   dead   on   top   of   a   pylon   late   last   night .
chief   of    police    said   the   boy   might  not  been  alone  and   this   was   actully   a  planned   move  to  steal  electric   cables  which  are   highly  marketable   on  the   black  market.
this   definately   bad  news   and   i  think  the   main  cause  to   all   this   is   the   closure   of  the   cumpus   and  the   students   end   up   doing   something  bad   that   is   costin  them  their   lives.the   boy  is   only   25  in  his  third   year.    

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Zimbabwean woman caught with four human penis on the airport

A   Zimbabwean    business  woman    by  the   name   of   Cecilia   kweizo   was   on  Friday    morning   caught  on  the   air port   with   four   frozen   human   penises  which   were  all   identified  all  to  be    of   white   male.
According   to  the   press  to   the   press  mrs   kweizo  a   53  year  old   business  lady   who   occasionally   visits   the  the   US    for   business.  she  had  a  clever   plan  of    packing    male   organs    in  a  lunch   box   and   top  adding   salads  and   sausages   and  giving   it   her   6   year  old    grand  child   to   carry   like   lunch.
At    first   the  airport   attedants   didn't   give   much   thought  at   the   lunch  box  but   when  the   dog  raised   alarm  and  started   barking  violently  at  the  girl   carrying   the   lunch   box   the   police   decided  to  give   it   a   check   out  and   then   finally  they   found  under  the   sausages   four   human  penises  and   imediately  she   was   taken  to   the   police,yesterday  the   police  denied   a   $300,000    bail  and  soon  she  will  be   convicted.        

Two lusaka women fight over a bus conductor

Truly   shocking   and   hard   to  believe,  of  all   men   a  bus   conductor   would  be  the   last  to   fight   for,i  dont  know   why   but   the   dollar   is   driving   every  one   insane  and  its   a   clear   indication  that  we   should   change   the   government   for    good.
Two   descent   ladies  both  of   kuku   compound   lucy  mwanakatwe   and  mwaka   sikasote   both  of   kuku   compound  engaged   in  a  brutal   hair   pulling  fight  at   a  named   station  in  lusaka  this  morning  that  lasted  for  almost   5  minutes,as   people   were   rather  enjoying  the   fight,easpecially  the   kabovas   who  were   screaming   zevideo!,zevideo!  and  the   girls   falled  and  their   skirts   went  up   their   heads.
suddenly  two   gentlemen   stopped  the   gladiators  from  killing  each  other  and   they   started   flowing   insults   at  each   other,it   seems   one  is  a   three  month   wife  of   a  bus   conductor  comonly  known  as   tommy  dee  and   the    other  is  the   husband   snatcher.
it   is   shocking  and   hard   to   swallow.feel   free   to   add   your  comment  below  and   check  out  this   other   post of  a  mweru fisheman who caght a fish with a big human nose  it  will  make   your  day.