Friday, 1 April 2016

A   CBU   student  electrical  engineering   student  by  the   name   of   alex   mutanuka,was   found   dead   on   top   of   a   pylon   late   last   night .
chief   of    police    said   the   boy   might  not  been  alone  and   this   was   actully   a  planned   move  to  steal  electric   cables  which  are   highly  marketable   on  the   black  market.
this   definately   bad  news   and   i  think  the   main  cause  to   all   this   is   the   closure   of  the   cumpus   and  the   students   end   up   doing   something  bad   that   is   costin  them  their   lives.the   boy  is   only   25  in  his  third   year.    

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