Monday, 4 April 2016

Livingstone landlord brutally beaten by his Chinese tenant after evicting him

A   48   year   old  Livingstone    landlord   was   last   night   brutally  beaten   by   his    chinese   tenant  after   evicting   him   from  his   home.
godson   mushala   48,was   brutally  beaten    by   the   Chinese  man   after   the   two   engaged   in  a   fight   saying   that   mr   li   had   not   settled   three  month   payment    of   rentals   and   he   wanted    to   take   hold   of   all   his   property   till   he   settles   his   bills.
but   however   the   Chinese   man  got  so   violent  and   left   mr   mushala   with   a   swollen   face that   you   can   hardly  recognize   him.
the   Chinese   man   is   in    police   custody   and   the   hearing   for   the   case   will  be   on   June  1.      

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