Thursday, 31 March 2016

Zimbabwean woman caught with four human penis on the airport

A   Zimbabwean    business  woman    by  the   name   of   Cecilia   kweizo   was   on  Friday    morning   caught  on  the   air port   with   four   frozen   human   penises  which   were  all   identified  all  to  be    of   white   male.
According   to  the   press  to   the   press  mrs   kweizo  a   53  year  old   business  lady   who   occasionally   visits   the  the   US    for   business.  she  had  a  clever   plan  of    packing    male   organs    in  a  lunch   box   and   top  adding   salads  and   sausages   and  giving   it   her   6   year  old    grand  child   to   carry   like   lunch.
At    first   the  airport   attedants   didn't   give   much   thought  at   the   lunch  box  but   when  the   dog  raised   alarm  and  started   barking  violently  at  the  girl   carrying   the   lunch   box   the   police   decided  to  give   it   a   check   out  and   then   finally  they   found  under  the   sausages   four   human  penises  and   imediately  she   was   taken  to   the   police,yesterday  the   police  denied   a   $300,000    bail  and  soon  she  will  be   convicted.        

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