Thursday, 31 March 2016

Two lusaka women fight over a bus conductor

Truly   shocking   and   hard   to  believe,  of  all   men   a  bus   conductor   would  be  the   last  to   fight   for,i  dont  know   why   but   the   dollar   is   driving   every  one   insane  and  its   a   clear   indication  that  we   should   change   the   government   for    good.
Two   descent   ladies  both  of   kuku   compound   lucy  mwanakatwe   and  mwaka   sikasote   both  of   kuku   compound  engaged   in  a  brutal   hair   pulling  fight  at   a  named   station  in  lusaka  this  morning  that  lasted  for  almost   5  minutes,as   people   were   rather  enjoying  the   fight,easpecially  the   kabovas   who  were   screaming   zevideo!,zevideo!  and  the   girls   falled  and  their   skirts   went  up   their   heads.
suddenly  two   gentlemen   stopped  the   gladiators  from  killing  each  other  and   they   started   flowing   insults   at  each   other,it   seems   one  is  a   three  month   wife  of   a  bus   conductor  comonly  known  as   tommy  dee  and   the    other  is  the   husband   snatcher.
it   is   shocking  and   hard   to   swallow.feel   free   to   add   your  comment  below  and   check  out  this   other   post of  a  mweru fisheman who caght a fish with a big human nose  it  will  make   your  day.

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