Thursday, 31 March 2016

chancellor beaten and stripped naked for selling one plot[land] to more than 14 people

Now   this   is   very   fun  and   a   lesson  to   all   those   official   leaders   selling   land   to   more   than   one   person.
A   mongu    chancellor  by  the   name   of   Patrick   mufalali    was   met   with   a  gruesome   fate,when  an    angry   mob   of   people  who   he   had   coned   land,stormed   his   home   and   started   to   barter   the   man  at   his   own  very   home  and   when   they   got   tired   of   beating   him  they   stripped   him   naked   and   started   to   march   him   on  the   public  streets   while   whipping   his   butt  with  a   cane.
it   was   not   only   until   the   police   arrived   at   the   scene   that   everyone   started   to   run  for   it.Patrick   is   currently   in   hospital   and   the   police   are   awaiting   for   him   to   fully   awake   so   that   they   could   question   him   has   to  who  did   that   to   him.also   if    you   might   like  this   story  also  chinese man given fake mutototo by his zambian employee  iam   sure   it   will   also   make   your   day.

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