Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Chinese man given fake mutototo[sexual booster] by his Zambian employees[read what happened next]

Have   you   ever   lived   with   an  erection   for    three   month?well   its   hard   you  have   to   go   around  wearing    a   dress   to   hide   your   shame    and   thats    what   exactly   happened   to   our   fellow   Chinese   boss    whose    name    and   company  has   been   withheld,but   just   to   give   you   tip   he   runs   a   construction   company   along   the    chingola-kitwe    road,lived    with   an   erection  for    three   solid   month    after   being   given    fake   mutototo   by   his    employee.
it   seems   that   the   china   man   had   been   secretly   been   hanging   out   with   the   workers    taking   him  to    night   clubs   and   hooking   him   up   with   hookers  and   he   trusted   them  to   tell  them   the   issue   of   man   power   in   his   house,one   of   the   employees   who   is   recently   in   police   custody   who   goes  by the    name   of   alex   mufwaya   said   he    had   knowledge   of   mutototo   and   was   given   k600  to    find   the   best   mutototo  and   the   next   morning  after  taking   the   mutototo   the   the   boss  had  continuous   diarrhea   and   vomiting  and   after   that   his   penis   stood   solid   and  it   was   never   look   behind   thing,like   hakainde   hichilema   slogan   and   he   was    only   treated   at   nchanga.         

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