Thursday, 31 March 2016

Kitwe security guard knocks out boss's teeth for delayed three month payment

I   think  we   are   all   going   crazy,i   don't   why   our   fellow   Zambian   citizens   are   behaving   in   such   a   way,maybe   its   the    recent    rise   in   the   dollar  or   cost   of   living   that   litterally   driving   everyone   blood   pressure[BP]to  rise  and  the   last   thing   we   would   like   is   a   delayed   salary,if   our   boss's   can't   pay   us   with   cash  they   would   have  to   pay   us   with   their   teeth.
Thats   the   case  with   isaac   monde   of   chamboli   township   kitwe   who   was  dragged   to   the   police   last   night   for    knocking   out   three   of   his   boss's   teeth   with   a   punch.According   to   the   boss,Charles   mungaila   Mr   monde   came  to  his   house   demanding   payment    for   working   for   more   than   three   month  without   pay  and   when   he  said   he   would   pay   him  soon   mr   isaac   became   violent   and   took   out    three   of   the   front   tooth.however   the   case  has   been   moved   up   to  April   6   and   Mr   Isaac  is   still   in   police   might   also   want   ot   chenk   out  this   story   of   a   a chancellor beaten and stripped naked for selling plot to more than one person,iam   sure   it  will  make   you  day.           

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