Thursday, 31 March 2016

Choma get man given six month for pooping into his boss's pot and living it boiling like beans

OK    this   one   is   very  nasty,a   choma   gate man   by   the   name   of  mainga    haninga   was   a   six   month   for     stealing   a   k15 000   and  a  couples  clothing  and   top   of   it   left   a  boiling   pot   pot   full  of   his   own   feces.
According  to   the   couple    mainga  a   23   year   old   orphan  was   picked   up   from   the   streets of   lusaka   two   years   ago   by  the   couple  because  they   fealt   mercy   for   him   living  on  the   streets  and   HIV   positive  and   made    him   to  work  for   them   in  return   for  a   place  to  stay  and   a  monthly   salary  of   k450   and   food   jus   like   a  child   of   their  own.
but   after   taking   him   in,it   didn't   take  long   for  them  to  start   noticing  missin  staff ,but  the   wife   just   blushed   it   off   aside   and   didn't   tell   the   husband   fearing   the  boy   would  be   chased    from   home  by   the   husband.
but   has   time   went  on   the  wife   to   the   husband   because   she   couldn't   take  it,and   he   disciplined   the   boy.
last   sunday   when  the    couple   went  to  church   they   found   their   room   door   knocked    down  and   k15,000    missing  and   mainga   was   gone   with  a  pot   of   boiling   hell[feces]  on  the   stove   boiling   like   beans.the   husband    notified   the   police  and   the   boy   was   caught,in   chingola  three   weeks  later,what  a   disaster                  

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