Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Mweru fishermen catches a fish with a big human nose

Has   hard   has   it    might      sound   to   swallow   its    true   and   recently   happened   on   friday    morning,last   week,when   a   43   year   old    fishermen   by   the   name   of   binwell   chilekwa   of    mwense   district   was   fishing   at   around    1  am   with   his    son    in   the   lake   mweru.mr    binwell   who   was    highly   frightened     by    such   a   monster   had   this  to   say   

          "I   have   been   fishing    this   lake   for    17    years   and   never   before   had   i    seen                     such   a   thing   in   life   it  had   a   long   rupiah   banda  nose  like   a   white   man,and   i                 think  its   superstitious "
seriously  thats    something   we   dont   see   everyday,  a  fish   with   a   white   man's   nose,soon   we    will   be    seing   a  fish   with   a    penis   or    something   i   can't   mention,whats   your   take   on   this    one   guys    leave   a   comment    below   so   that   we   can    hear   your   opinion.    

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